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After Orange Slices unpacks the realness of life after sports and explores the vulnerable world of athletes. Pro Stars, College Legends, Celebrities, Influencers, Agents, Foodies, Doctors, Gurus, and many more exciting voices join the show each week.

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What People Say...

One of my Favorite Podcast Shows!

This podcast is truly great. I am a sports lover myself and love the range of topics that are talked about on the show. The guests always have interesting stories that captivate me for the entire show. I have a long drive to and from work and this show helps the time go by so fast. You have got to check this podcast out!


One Fair Mind

Rarely does a journalist approach the human condition of the celebrated athlete so graciously! Bridget discusses how the true skills of the athlete, determination, problem solving, and ambition continue to evolve long after the whistle blows. This is a must listen!!



This perspective has been sorely missed until now! Sports play such a huge role in the lives of a much larger group of people than the group that eventually makes a career from them. Love getting to listen to the ways sports can shape the adult you become, the life you lead after, & some challenges that may need to be tackled whenever your “athletic career” ends. The host is fun, personable & overall a great listen!